Revolutionary processing technology

Plasma Torch Australia

Plasma torches offer an efficient, precise, and costeffective method of cutting metals. Plasma torches are more precise and faster than other traditional cutting methods, such as oxyfuel, laser, or waterjet cutting. Additionally, plasma torches offer features such as automatic arcstarting, precise arcsizing, and faster cutting speeds. Plasma torches have the capability to be used on a wider range of metals, including difficulttocut materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. 

The world is changing, Nations have agreed to net zero

Revolutionary processing technology

Energy is needed to break chemical bonds. Traditionally this may have been done with fossil fuels. Our technology provides a way to apply precisely the right amount of electrical energy where it is needed for a reaction.

We build plasma torches for leading edge processing applications such as pyrometallurgy and waste valorisation. By focussing energy to the point it is needed at the level it is needed we can avoid the significant energy waste of current processes, all while being powered by renewable energy.

We enable the technological breakthroughs to extract the materials needed for a decarbonised world. Specifically, we are working to reduce emissions in industrial production sector (which account for ~24% of global emissions), and enabling the production of products needed for the transport sector (which account ~16% of global emissions) to decarbonise.

Fundamental States of matter


Plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter. Applying energy transitions a solid to liquid, liquid to gas and gas to plasma. The energy is so high it has liberated the electrons from the atoms, creating a mix of charged particles.

A plasma torch is a device that generates a high-temperature plasma arc for the purpose of cutting, welding, or heating materials. It consists of a power supply, a gas flow system, and an electrode and nozzle assembly.

To generate the plasma arc, a gas such as argon, nitrogen, or air is introduced into the torch through the nozzle. An electrical current is then passed through the gas, causing it to ionize and form a plasma. The plasma is extremely hot, with temperatures reaching up to 30,000 degrees Celsius.

Plasma torches are used in a variety of applications, including metal cutting, welding, and surface treatment. They are often used in industries such as manufacturing, construction, and automotive repair. They are known for their ability to cut through thick or hard materials with precision and speed, making them a useful tool in many industrial processes.

the capabilities to design

Our Products

We have developed several configurations of plasma torch for a variety of applications, and have the capabilities to design and test more.

Plasma torches can be used to extract hydrogen gas from general waste by a process known as plasma gasification…

Coaxial-fed plasma torches have several advantages compared to other types of plasma torches…

Thermal spray plasma torches are high-temperature devices that are used to heat materials to extremely…

Reverse polarity plasma torches are a type of plasma torch that use a reverse polarity electrical current to…

Experts in The Industry

Why choose Plasma Torch?

We are a technology company – experts in engineering, plasma physics and the application of plasma technology. We have expert process and application engineers that understand what is required to apply plasma to the processing industry.

We are committed to doing our part to save the planet, and committed to helping likeminded companies do their part to save the planet.

Circular Economy Principles

Our Partners

We are built on circular economy principles, and we recognise the world needs a revolution in processing technology. We are success partners with world leading technology firms committed to building the materials for a decarbonised world. From lightweight metals to next generation EV battery technology.

We help save the planet by enabling the technology breakthroughs. We work with our customers to ensure their success. 

Melt & Refine!

Metallurgical Extraction

In metallurgical extraction, plasma furnaces can be used to melt and refine metal ores and alloys.

One of the main benefits of using a plasma furnace in metallurgical extraction is that it allows for precise control over the processing conditions. The plasma torch can be used to heat the material to a specific temperature, and the process can be carefully monitored and controlled to ensure that the desired chemical reactions occur.

Plasma furnaces are also highly efficient and can melt and refine large volumes of material in a short period of time. This makes them an attractive option for metallurgical extraction, as they can help to increase productivity and reduce costs.

In addition, plasma furnaces can be used to process materials that are difficult to melt or refine using traditional methods, such as refractory metals or alloys with high melting points. This makes them a valuable tool for metallurgical extraction in a wide range of industries.

Plasma torches use electricity

How they work

Plasma torches use electricity to turn a gas stream into a high temperature plasma arc. Because plasma is full of charged particles, electricity can flow relatively easily, keeping it ionised.

We control several torch parameters including electric current and gas flow rate to give the desired conditions in the torch such as temperature profile.