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Reverse Polarity Torch

Enabling the new industrial revolution. Reverse polarity plasma torches are a type of plasma torch that use a reverse polarity electrical current to generate a plasma arc. The era of metal additive manufacturing and powder injection molding is upon us, but the quality of the product is limited by the quality of the input.

Powder of high sphericity is required but challenging to achieve via conventional means. Powders of high sphericity are needed for ensuring material quality via smooth transport, deposition and selective melting. This greater homogeneity of inputs results in greater material quality.

Our reverse polarity plasma torches are switchable and can reverse polarity without rewiring the application.

Reverse polarity is important for applications where:

Cutting or welding where reversed polarity is a better match for the material thickness.

Reversed polarity is a better match for surface preparation to remove surface contaminants or to prepare surface for coating or other processing.

Our reverse polarity torch produces highly spherical powders through plasma atomisation.